‘Beach-quality sand’ discovered as erosion reaches ‘crisis’ level

‘Beach-quality sand’ discovered as erosion reaches ‘crisis’ level

KAHANA BAY – Maui County shoreline planners are “elated” after discovering more than 300,000 cubic yards of “beach-quality sand” off Kahana Bay, which could replenish the beachfronts of numerous condominiums that have been slowly disappearing into the ocean.

However, the discovery may be too little, too late.

Condo and resort owners have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars constructing barriers and making repairs to protect their properties from the ocean over the past few years, and coastal experts say this winter was “the worst” so far. El Nino-generated high tides and strong swells eroded the West Maui coastline and destroyed pool decks, stairs, walkways and small structures.


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