Beach Management Plan for Maui

Beach Management Plan for Maui – 1997

Prepared by:

University of Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Service
and  County of Maui Planning Department
In Hawai’i and the Pacific, taking care of the islands’ coastal resources is critical to people’s livelihoods, lifestyles, and general well-being. More effective resource management will ensure sustainable use of these resources while providing long term benefits to Hawai’i residents, as well as ensuring a quality visitor experience. Ninety percent of Hawai’i’s plants and animals, more than10,000 species, exist nowhere else on Earth. The only tropical rainforests in the U.S. are found in Hawai’i, as well as 84 percent of all coral reefs under U.S. jurisdiction. There is no private ownership of coastal resources. Hawai’i’s beaches, its nearshore reefs, the ocean, and all that impact them from land, are at the heart of its appeal and an annual economy that accounts for more than $10 billion in
tourism revenues. Hawai’i is also steeped in an ancient cultural heritage that reflects a life-affirming relationship with the islands’ landscape, native species and ecological processes. At the same time, attempts to protect delicate ecosystems are balanced with increasingly overpopulated coastlines and unharnessed business development.


Hawaii Beach Restoration Workshop 2014 – whitepaper


The workshop focused on beach restoration as one alternative for conserving and restoring Hawaii’s beaches.
The workshop explored the needs, opportunities, and challenges of making beach restoration an environmentally and economically viable
option for Hawaii through the participation of association members, invited experts, and concerned stakeholders. This white paper is largely the result of input received from members, attendees, and invited
presenters through discussion and breakout sessions, which were part of the workshop.


Here is a link to the whitepaper, PDF:

Researchers to probe beach restoration options in Kahana –

Researchers to probe beach restoration options in Kahana – | News, Information, Lahaina and Western Maui, Hawaii — Lahaina News

KAHANA — Funding has been released by the county for a study on a much-needed facelift at Kahana Beach.


‘Beach-quality sand’ discovered as erosion reaches ‘crisis’ level | Maui News

‘Beach-quality sand’ discovered as erosion reaches ‘crisis’ level | News, Sports, Jobs – Maui News

Jun 5, 2016

KAHANA BAY – Maui County shoreline planners are “elated” after discovering more than 300,000 cubic yards of “beach-quality sand” off Kahana Bay, which could replenish the beachfronts of numerous condominiums that have been slowly disappearing into the ocean.

However, the discovery may be too little, too late.


Beach restoration is getting more serious attention

Getting more sand
in Maui shoes

Beach restoration is getting
more serious attention as
property prices rise

By Gary Kubota

Maui correspondent

KIHEI, Maui — South Maui resident Robert Colopy smiles as he stands on a restored beach fronting his home. Truckloads of sand have been brought from a half-mile away only days ago, through a government-sponsored project.

“It’s the best environmental solution,” said Colopy, president of the Halama Street Homeowners Association. “It is the most economical solution.”

As beachfront land becomes more expensive, the idea of restoring eroded beaches is growing more attractive in Maui County, especially when those beaches have a number of public accesses, as in the case of Halama Street.

Beach replenishment is also becoming a major focus of talks and studies on Maui.

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Stable Road Beach Restoration

Stable Road Beach Restoration

Located along a portion of Stable Road between Kanaha Beach Park to the west and Kahului Airport to the east on Maui’s north shore, the 600-foot-long beach has experienced chronic beach erosion and beach retreat within an unusually high rate of beach and land loss from 2006 to 2010. The beach supports a diversity of both historic and contemporary recreational activity and use.

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