Kanaha Beach Park

Kanaha Beach Park

Kanaha Beach Park is a long stretch of publicly owned wild coast on the North Shore of Maui (Hawaii).   It is comprised of white sand beaches, coastal dunes, wetlands, and a developed beach park.   Kanaha Beach provides recreation for many folks on Maui, including windsurfers, surfers, kiteboarders, pole fishermen, divers, canoe paddlers, campers, joggers, bikers, general beach goers, and many others.   Kanaha Beach also supports some of the last remaining strongholds of native coastal plants and animals left on sand dunes and in wetlands along the north shore of Maui.


The beautification and restoration of Kanaha Beach has been on-going for decades, and is only possible with regular support from the community.   To volunteer to help Kanaha Beach, call Jan Dapitan at Community Work Day (808)877-2524, e-mail cwdkhb@pixi.com, or visit www.cwdhawaii.org.   For more volunteer opportunities on Maui visit www.hear.org/volunteer/maui.

The following have volunteered time, provided funding, or given resources:   Kiwanis, Kiwins, Girl Scouts, Boy scouts, Eagle scouts, Latter Day Saints, Jewish Congregation, Baldwin High School Science Club, Seabury Hall High School, Maui High School, University of Hawaii at Hilo, Americorps (local and national), Lae Ula o Kai Canoe Club, Kiteboarders Association of Maui, Maui Rotary, Goodfellow Construction, Hoolawa Farms, Maui County Public Works Department, Maui County Waste Water Treatment Department, Maui County Parks and Recreation Department, Maui County Correctional Center, Maui County Police Deptartment, Positive Outreach Initiative, State of Hawaii Emergency Environmental Workforce, United States Geological Survey Biological Resources Division, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development, and scores of other individuals, agencies, and organizations.


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