Relentless Sand Mining on Maui caught on Video

Sand barge video #1 (no sounds – fast motion)

A barge at the Kahului Pier is filled up with sand or sand aggregate and basalt 1-3 times every week. Each barge can hold 6000 tons, so thatʻs 6000-18000 tons of Mauiʻs precious resources leaving every week.

Sand is one of our most precious resources and the resting place of our kupuna, but itʻs being shipped off from Maui to the highest bidder. Today we got to view the barge being filled up with sand aggregate, which is being shipped over to Lanaʻi. You can see in the video the constant stream of trucks entering the barge, unloading their sand aggregate, and leaving. This ceaseless mining needs to stop. Whatever sand is left on Maui needs to stay here.

Watch KHON2 tonight for a news story on sandmining on Maui.

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